Terms of service


Rewor.king is an online platform allowing customers (hereinafter the BUYERS) to purchase directly from different types of SELLERs (hereinafter the SELLERS) a range of consumer electronic products. 

The SELLER is a professional actor wishing to have a solution allowing him to offer his products and services to BUYERS via the Internet by benefiting from personalized services that give him visibility on the Web. Customers browsing Rewor.king, BUYERS and SELLERS are hereinafter referred to as USERS.



2. Purpose of Rewor.king

The purpose of Rewor.king  is to enable USERS to benefit from its SERVICES, namely: 

  • for BUYERS: the possibility of browsing and purchasing PRODUCTS online

3. Warranty & Rewor.king Care

For selected products, Warranty will be available. Under the limited warranty, the SELLER is responsible for any product defects (hardware and software) occurring during the warranty period. Under Rewor.kingCare which is provided and covered by a trusted third-party repair partner, the repair partner offers the same level of repair and/or replacement coverage for an extended period (after the end of the original warranty by the SELLER until the end of the Rewor.kingCare period), as well as discounted repair service at any point in time. In case of any incidents, the SELLER or repair partner is obligated to offer free repair and/or replacement services until the end of the warranty/Rewor.kingCare period, starting from the day of delivery. In case when repairs aren’t economically or technically possible and replacements are not available, an appropriate financial compensation has to be paid to the BUYER instead. Any logistic costs included in the process for warranty or Rewor.kingCare cases have to be covered by the SELLER or repair vendor, using a reliable express shipping partner. All defects have to be reported by the BUYER as soon as possible. Failure to fully report all defects and sending in the device as soon as possible by the BUYER may result in a loss of any rights for repair/replacement. Please note that any external physical damage, battery wear and tear or liquid damage caused by the customer or a third-party are not covered by the limited warranty or Rewor.kingCare. In case of any external damage, drop, liquid/water damage, battery wear and tear over time, opening of the product, repair or diagnosis by another party than the SELLER or the repair vendor, the BUYER will lose all rights connected to the warranty. Please note that there is no guarantee for waterproof on any pre-owned product as most refurbished products cannot be assured to be 100% waterproof. 


The USER acknowledges having the means and skills necessary for the use of Rewor.king and being at least 18 years old. The equipment necessary to access and use Rewor.king is the responsibility of the USER, as well as the telecommunication costs incurred by its use. 

USERS can access Rewor.king and view PRODUCTS without opening an account.